• Sound Reasons To Use A Paddleboard Leash

    If you're a water sports enthusiast who is looking at stand-up paddleboarding as your next sport, you know that accessories can help make any sport safer and more comfortable. However, you'll find that one particular accessory, the board leash, seems to be the source of more controversy than any other accessory. Like surfboard leashes, paddleboard leashes keep the board attached to you so that the board doesn't float away if you fall off.

  • Three Occasions That Can Be Made Even More Festive With A Custom Built Canopy

    Custom built canopies are devices that serve many different purposes.  Practically, they provide the perfect amount of shade so that you are protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  Aesthetically, they can brighten up any d├ęcor and add just the right amount of flair to complete the look that you are going for.  While many home goods and hardware stores carry canopies, the generic models are no match for the beauty and originality of a custom built canopy.

  • Preparing Your Child For Their First Deer Hunt

    A person's first hunt can be anything from a necessity of life to a rite of passage. With so much weight given to it, a parent should take all possible steps to ensure their child is as prepared as possible. With so much to think about, it's important that you recognize all you need to do to get your child ready. Keep Them Safe More than anything else, make sure you've instilled the need for safety in your child.

  • Off The Beaten Path: 3 Fun Activities In Chicago To (Literally) Sweep You Off Your Feet

    A vacation to any big city can be full of museums, shopping, sightseeing - and walking. Sometimes, there can be so much walking that you end your day by collapsing onto your bed in the hotel, wondering how you'll make it through tomorrow. Does everything involve so much walking? Fortunately, not. Chicago has many options for anyone interested in giving their tired feet a rest. If you're visiting Chicago and looking for a few activities that won't leave you all worn out, try one of the following: