• Three Materials That Make Excellent Dasher Boards

    Never heard of dasher boards? Most people have not. They are the walls erected around hockey rinks and skating rinks. They get their name from the movement executed by really fast ice skaters and hockey players who dash toward them only to spin away or smash into them. Roller rinks sometimes use dasher boards as well. If you are looking to construct your own roller or ice rink at home, or you need help rebuilding a public rink, here are some materials that make the best dasher boards.

  • Why You Shouldn't Buy Car Parts For Your Boat

    When shopping for parts for your boat, you might have found that there are some parts at auto parts stores that will fit. However, unless they are actually rated to be used in boats, you should avoid auto parts for your vessel at all costs. These are a few reasons why. 1. They Could Cause a Fire One thing that you have to think about is whether or not the parts that you are thinking about using will actually be safe to use in watercraft.

  • KU Ready To Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk To Their 13th Consecutive Big 12 Hoops Title

    Over half of the Big 12 Conference basketball teams have reasonable aspirations of making it to the "Big Dance", otherwise known as the NCAA Championship Tournament. But, only one team seems to have that same level of realistic expectation of winning the Big 12 Conference basketball title itself. So, if all prognostications prove accurate, Kansas University will Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk to their 13th consecutive conference crown. But, there is a trio of Big 12 basketball squads who do have slim hopes of derailing the Jayhawk hoops locomotive.

  • 2 Tips For The First-Time Snorkeler

    There are a lot of people who think snorkeling is a great way to spend a vacation. If you are planning on joining that group, there are some tips that can make your first snorkeling trip much more enjoyable.  Get the Right Gear You will want to make sure that you have the right mask and snorkel. If your mask leaks or is uncomfortable, you aren't going to want to spend a lot of time under the water and it can ruin your trip.

  • 4 Fun First Date Ideas For People In AA

    If you or the person you are seeing is in Alcoholics Anonymous, then it can be tricky to organize a first date. Bars, and even restaurants, can be a bit dicey because of the ubiquitous presence of alcohol. You don't want to make your date feel uncomfortable. If they are sober, they might be tempted and feel antsy the entire time. If you are the one who is abstaining, then your date might feel overly self-conscious if they have a glass of wine and wonder if it's upsetting you.