Why You Shouldn't Buy Car Parts For Your Boat

Alyssa Murray

When shopping for parts for your boat, you might have found that there are some parts at auto parts stores that will fit. However, unless they are actually rated to be used in boats, you should avoid auto parts for your vessel at all costs. These are a few reasons why.

1. They Could Cause a Fire

One thing that you have to think about is whether or not the parts that you are thinking about using will actually be safe to use in watercraft. If they are not properly sealed or otherwise protected for use when they might get wet, then there could be sparks, and a fire could be started. This could put you and any passengers that you might have on board at risk, and it can also cause serious damage to your watercraft.

2. They Could Wear Out More Quickly

Even if the auto parts that you buy for your boat do not actually cause a fire when they get wet, they could still wear out more quickly when exposed to the elements. The parts under the hood of your car are generally protected from the elements, whereas parts that are purchased for a boat will probably be exposed to the water more often. Because of this, you might have to worry about them wearing out more quickly. Even if they do not actually pose any danger to you, this could result in you having to replace parts and make repairs sooner than you would have otherwise, which could cost you more money, even if you think that you are saving a little bit by buying car parts that might be cheaper.

3. You Could Void Your Boat's Warranty

If your boat is under warranty, this is probably something that you cherish. After all, knowing that you can call the manufacturer if something goes wrong to have repairs made can provide a lot of peace of mind. However, many boat warranties require you to purchase the right parts and follow other guidelines, and if you don't, then your warranty could be voided. Something as simple as buying auto parts for your boat could be enough to void your watercraft's warranty and therefore leave you on the hook for future repairs that you might not have had to pay for otherwise.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why you should not buy car parts for your boat. Luckily, there are boat-specific parts stores out there that sell all sorts of parts for boats of all kinds, and you can often buy boat parts online as well. Contact a company like Boater's Landing for more information on boat parts.