4 Fun First Date Ideas For People In AA

Alyssa Murray

If you or the person you are seeing is in Alcoholics Anonymous, then it can be tricky to organize a first date. Bars, and even restaurants, can be a bit dicey because of the ubiquitous presence of alcohol. You don't want to make your date feel uncomfortable. If they are sober, they might be tempted and feel antsy the entire time. If you are the one who is abstaining, then your date might feel overly self-conscious if they have a glass of wine and wonder if it's upsetting you. The entire night will be too tense for a first date. So here are 4 alternative ideas that are fun and that won't have the shadow of booze hanging over your heads the entire time.

Museum Exhibit

A museum exhibit is a great way to get to know someone. You can walk around and discuss the artwork. It's vastly superior to a movie where you will have to sit in silence for a long time. The artwork provides an easy conversation topic that can then spin off into other areas. Also, most museums have cafes where you can sit down afterwards and have something to eat. So you could sit and have coffee afterwards and talk without the stress of a waiter asking you if you'd like to see the wine menu.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you think that an active date is more your style, then pick an indoor rock climbing place. There will definitely not be wine or alcohol served there. If anything it would be bottled water or sports drinks. This is a really fun thing to do and it's a great activity if you both are into exercise. You wouldn't have a first date at the gym, but if you are both gym rats, then definitely consider the rock climbing idea.


Don't think of the smoky, old bowling alleys, but rather hip, night-club style bowling alleys. These started to get popular a while back and are geared to a more party type crowd. You don't tend to see the die-hard bowlers with their bowling shirts, personal bags and balls, and their own shoes at these places. The lanes are often times lit up in neon, the lights have a softer look, and there is cool music being played. There is alcohol, but the atmosphere is more relaxed than at a bar. At a bar, you or your date would have to stand around with a club soda or something and see everyone else drinking. At the bowling alley, the main focus is on the game, so there is way less pressure.

Mini Golf

Another fun date night would be to hit a mini golf place. These are really fun and they don't require you to wear yourself out (like rock climbing). So if the two of you are not fans of scaling walls and stressing your muscles, this would be a cool alternative. Also, unlike the bowling alley, you will get to walk around together and talk during the length of the course. Bowling requires a lot of up and down to the front of the lane to bowl, plus it can be noisy in some of the party bowling centers. Mini-golf is a much more relaxed atmosphere and you also don't have to worry about alcohol being an issue.