• 3 Whitewater Hot Spots In The Northeast To Enjoy This Summer

    If you love whitewater rafting, and live in the Northeast, you don't have to travel across the country this summer to get some excellent rafting in. You can find great rapids without ever traveling too far. Below is a list of three of the Northeasts best whitewater rivers. Penobscot River in Maine If you're up around Maine, then your best choice is to go with the Penobscot River. The river is famous for having some very tricky rapids.

  • Want To Protect Your Boat? Protect The Lift Canopy As Well

    Installing a boat lift canopy over the lift in which you've been storing your boat can offer a lot of protection to anything underneath the canopy, but this only works if the canopy remains in good shape. These structures, while designed to be sturdy, can still encounter problems. Knowing what to look for and what to prepare for will help you keep that canopy in one piece. Wildlife While objects closer to the ground are usually more likely to have to weather the effects of raccoon claws, squirrel invasions, and other pest issues, the elevated canopy can occasionally see problems if wildlife can jump onto it from trees, or if birds decide they want to make the canopy their home.

  • Learning How To Choose Aggressive Inline Skates

    If you are just getting into inline skating, then you need to know that not all skates are built the same. If you simply putz around your yard now and then, you can probably get along just fine with some big box-store skates. On the other hand, if you are getting into some hardcore skating, then you need a skate that can stay comfortable all day and still take abuse. That's where knowing what features to look for can make all the difference.

  • Four Etiquette Tips For First-Time Golfers

    If you've been practicing your shots at the local driving range and are finally ready to hit the links for a round of golf, you'll soon find that there are few better ways to spend an afternoon — even if your final score isn't exactly the number you were hoping for. Whether you're playing with some golf-loving friends or you get paired up with one or more strangers, it's important to make sure that even if you're a novice, your knowledge of golf's many etiquette rules is at the expert level.

  • 3 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids At The Public Golf Course

    As a parent, you are likely always looking for fun activities that you can do with your kids. As it warms up outside, it is a good idea to take them outdoors to try new activities. One fun location to go to is the public golf course. This not only allows you to play games of golf with your kids, but also gives you the option to do other fun activities as well.