Booking Your Next Fishing Charter For Fish You Can't Catch Near Home

Alyssa Murray

Going on a fishing trip charter can be a great way to catch a species of fish you have always wanted to hook but just were not available where you live. Many charters are deep-sea or offshore trips that allow you the opportunity to catch fish that are measured in feet, not inches, and use gear that you don't have to purchase to do it.

Finding Your Charter

If you are looking for a specific kind of fishing, you may want to research the fish and see where they are typically caught or what parts of the world you can find them. Often migrating fish will not be in the same place all year, so you must find the fish when you are available to take a fishing trip charter. 

Many sportfishing websites offer information on the fish, the best time of year to catch them, and when to avoid fishing for them, like during the spawning season. Many areas limit fishing for specific species during sensitive times of the year when the population can be harmed by fishing, and any fishing trip guide will know when those times are. 

Once you find a fishing charter service that offers the fishing you would like to try, call and discuss the options with them before booking a trip that has the potential to be costly, and could you put you in the area at the wrong time of year.

Licenses and Permits

The fishing industry is highly regulated in most countries to ensure fish populations do not disappear or become extinct. When you are considering a fishing trip charter, you will most likely need a license for the fish you will be catching. Some countries do allow the charter service to hold a permit and clients to fish under the commercial license, but it is vital that you check before you leave on your trip. 

If you need to have a non-resident license, your fishing trip guide will let you know so you can get the license purchased when you first arrive in the area. The guide may even pick you up from the airport, take you to get your license, and drop you off at your hotel so you can settle in and be ready to fish the day the charter heads out. 

If you are booking a fishing trip charter package, you may have accommodations with the guide service, or if you are going out for multiple days on the water, you could go straight to the boat where you have a stateroom assigned. Often trips like this will leave the dock when all the attendees have arrived and may not return to port for several days a week, allowing you to learn where and how to catch the fish and enjoy the trip.