Four Sleeve Options For Gymnastics Leotards

Alyssa Murray

When you visit an online shop that specializes in children's gymnastics leotards, you'll have a wide range of options to consider. While your child's gymnastics school may give you some recommendations about what to buy, it's also possible that your child will have the flexibility to wear anything that suits them—particularly during practice sessions. One area of focus should be the sleeves of the leotard, which are available in several styles. Here are four options that you may want to discuss with your child. 


A popular style that may appeal to your child is to choose a sleeveless leotard. Many gymnasts find that this cut gives them a lot of freedom when it comes to moving their arms, which is important during most movements. If your child is interested in a sleeveless cut, they'll need to decide what style of straps they want over their shoulders. Some people favor thin straps, while others like the feeling of thicker straps that cover most of the space between the base of the neck and the point of the shoulder.

Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are another popular style in gymnastics leotards, which may make your child gravitate toward this look. You'll find that there can be several sleeve lengths available under the short-sleeved term. For example, some sleeves extend only a short distance past the bottom of the shoulder, while others descend past the biceps and toward the elbow.

3/4 Sleeves

If your child wants a garment that has sleeves that are slightly longer than short sleeves, a 3/4 sleeve design might be favorable. In these garments, the sleeves extend past the elbow, generally ending in the middle of the forearm. Some gymnasts appreciate the feeling of having the sleeves cover the majority of their arms, while not getting close to their wrists.

Long Sleeves

Another option is to choose a long-sleeved gymnastics leotard for your child. For a young gymnast who wants their leotard of choice to capture peoples' attention—perhaps because it has a bright design with sequins or other metallic features—long sleeves can be exciting because they'll stand out more than bare arms. Some long-sleeved leotards end at the wrist, while others have a loop of material that slips over the gymnast's thumb to help hold the sleeve in place. To check out different examples of leotards with each of these sleeve styles, visit a gymnastics leotards retailer near you.