• Learn A Few Baseball Terms

    Baseball may be America's pastime, but that doesn't mean that everyone understands all the rules that make up the game. It's possible to watch and enjoy the game without knowing all the terms and lingo, but knowing some basics makes the game even more interesting.  Strike zone: The strike zone is the area from about midway down the batter's torso to their knees. When a batter swings at a ball, it's right in that area.

  • A Brilliant-Looking Antique Gun Cabinet Delivers Style and Flair

    Upon buying an antique gun, you are doing more than just adding to a firearms collection. You are procuring a bit of history. The original custom look of these old guns also adds to the style of a den, living room, or "man cave". Acquiring a decent gun cabinet that effectively complements beautiful looking antique guns is advised. This way, the presentation of old muskets or wild west rifles further contributes to the look of a nice home.

  • 4 Training Tips For Left-Handed Fighters Learning Kobudo

    One of the more disciplined forms of fighting in martial arts training is known as kobudo. When you are getting professionally trained, it's important to practice on your own and master the skills. As a left-handed fighter, adjusting to the tutorials can take longer and require more patience, as training and weapons are often catered to a majority of fighters that use their right-hand. If you're a left-handed fighter, here are four tips to follow so you can learn properly and increase your kobudo skills without a natural disadvantage.

  • Hockey Skates: Ensuring The Right Fit

    Hockey is an intense sport. You need to be agile, quick and alert to play this game and you need a pair of good hockey skates to accomplish this. A good pair of hockey skates begins with a proper fit. If your skates don't fit correctly, not only will this hinder your ability to play the game, but this can also cause discomfort. Importance of Fit When it comes to playing hockey, your skates are considered the most important factor.

  • Equipment Differences Between Men's And Women's Lacrosse

    Men's and women's lacrosse are both popular NCAA Division I sports. According to US Lacrosse, the sport's governing body, it's one of the fastest growing sports in the country, with almost 750,000 participants in 2013. If you've ever witnessed a lacrosse game, you've noticed one big difference between the sexes, boys and men wear helmets, girls and women don't. This is the most visible difference, but there are others as well.