Hockey Skates: Ensuring The Right Fit

Alyssa Murray

Hockey is an intense sport. You need to be agile, quick and alert to play this game and you need a pair of good hockey skates to accomplish this. A good pair of hockey skates begins with a proper fit. If your skates don't fit correctly, not only will this hinder your ability to play the game, but this can also cause discomfort.

Importance of Fit

When it comes to playing hockey, your skates are considered the most important factor. The reason your hockey skates are so important is that they provide you with adequate ankle support and help you remain stable on the ice.

Your skates are also important because they help protect your feet from getting hit by other skates in a collision or by the puck. If your skates are not fitting correctly, you can damage your foot and increase your risk of forming blisters on your feet.


Finding the right pair of hockey skates begins with size. Hockey skates generally run smaller than traditional shoes do. It's best to try on a pair in your current size, one size larger and two sizes larger. When trying on your skates, you want them to fit snugly, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.

With the skate on, sit down and press your heel firmly into the rear of the skate boot. When your heel is pressed toward the back, your large toe should just barely be pressing up against the front of the boot. If your big toe feels cramped, the boot is too small. If you can't feel the front of your boot with your large toe, then the skates are too large.

Heat Fitting

In addition to getting the right size hockey skates, it's also a good idea to have your skate heat fitted. This is particularly true if you will be playing hockey on a regular basis. Heat fitting is a process that molds the skate so that it perfectly forms around your feet, using a specialized oven.

When you first try on hockey skates, they are sometimes hard and stiff. Heat fitting helps soften the edges of the boot making it fit better and making it feel more comfortable. The place where you purchase your skates should also be able to assist you with having your skate heat fitted.

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