A Brilliant-Looking Antique Gun Cabinet Delivers Style and Flair

Alyssa Murray

Upon buying an antique gun, you are doing more than just adding to a firearms collection. You are procuring a bit of history. The original custom look of these old guns also adds to the style of a den, living room, or "man cave". Acquiring a decent gun cabinet that effectively complements beautiful looking antique guns is advised. This way, the presentation of old muskets or wild west rifles further contributes to the look of a nice home.

Blend the Gun Cabinet with the Antique's Wood

The wood of the gun cabinet should match the stock of the actual firearms. If you buy a solid black cabinet and the gun stocks reveal varying shades of brown wood, the clashing look won't appear right. Instead, the cabinet ends up becoming an eyesore.

Upon selecting a cabinet, try not picking one made with a single solid color. A cabinet with varying shades of light and dark brown blended together would be the better choice. This way, no matter how many new and different looking antique guns are added to the collection, they fit in nicely with the cabinet. In turn, both the firearms and the cabinet fit further improve the decor of a home.

Explore Custom Carving and Engraving Options

A skilled and careful hand could carve amazing images into the wood of the cabinet. If the weapons were originally intended for hunting, carving the images of deer or bear into the wood surface is an option. Black powder guns from the Revolutionary War or Civil War era would look nice in a cabinet displaying carvings of minutemen or union army soldiers. Regardless of what specific design is chosen, a nice custom carving is going to add to visuals immensely.

Don't ignore the glass to the cabinet, either. Interesting engravings on the glass further enhance looks.

Add Custom Knobs and Handles

Door and drawer knobs and handles do not have to be bland. Removing the functional-but-boring knobs and handles and replacing them with decorative ones is an idea. Replacing a dull-looking handle with a brass trigger guard replica definitely is a good idea.

Hide Security Features

Even an antique gun has the potential to cause injury. Firearms are prized by thieves as well. Antique gun cabinets are built more for looks than security. There are ways a specialist could weave in highly reliable locking mechanisms that do not detract from the cabinet in any way.

Possibly, a layer of plexiglass could be installed behind the glass. This way, if the custom-engraved glass is shattered, a much tougher to break barrier is underneath. For more information, talk to a professional like Lock's Philadelphia Gun Exchange.