Types Of Pickleball Scoreboards To Compare For Your Needs

Alyssa Murray

Pickleball is a fun sport that's become quite popular. You may need to find vacant city tennis courts to play on, or you might have office pickleball courts in your city or on your condo grounds. Either way, you can find pickleball scoreboards that fit your needs so you can keep track of scores easily and avoid disagreements that stem from keeping score in your head. Here's a look at options in pickleball scoreboards.

Scoreboard Size

Pickleball scoreboards come in all sizes so you can carry one with you in your equipment bag if needed or your city might mount a large one permanently that can be seen from several feet away. If you just play with friends occasionally, a small scoreboard might be ideal, and it will cost much less than a large one. However, if your courts host events or if guests often view games, then a large scoreboard with numbers large enough to see far away is a good idea.

Mounting Method

Pickleball scoreboards can be mounted in different ways. Some small ones fit on the net. The score can usually just be seen by the players, but mounting on the net keeps the scores visible since small scoreboards may not be clearly seen at a distance. Larger scoreboards might be mounted on nearby poles with zip ties.

Others come with tripod mounts or on their own stands. The largest scoreboards need to be mounted permanently on poles. The smaller, portable scoreboards are easy to store when not in use and can be taken from court to court. If you're choosing a scoreboard to leave outside permanently, be sure to buy one rated for outdoor use so it withstands rain and wind.

Scorekeeping Method

You can keep track of the score in different ways depending on the scoreboard you buy. Some of the small ones have flip numbers that flip over the side of the scoreboard when points are scored. The numbers are adjusted manually. Others use markers or pegs that slide to a different number when someone scores. These have the advantage of being easy to tell the score from a distance by looking at the position of the marker.

The more expensive pickleball scoreboards light up the score with LED lights. These can be mounted on a table or on poles depending on their size. Since each type of pickleball scoreboard has its own price range, your budget might play a role in the type of scoreboard you buy. You could even buy one that you keep score on with an erasable marker.

For more info about pickleball scoreboards, contact a local company.