How To Determine What Kind Of Motorboat Storage Is Right For You

Alyssa Murray

Storing your motorboat is important for several reasons. You probably don't use the boat every day of the year so it's vital to free up space by keeping your boat away from your primary residence. Also, it's important to minimize the risk that comes with keeping your boat at home because it's so easy to mistakenly hit it when driving home. Now that you have determined you want to store your boat the question then becomes whether you'll take it to an indoor or outdoor storage facility. The information below should provide you with helpful tips to help narrow down your decision so you make the right choice.

How Often Will You Take The Boat Out?

If you are an avid boater who loves hopping into your vessel on a whim and taking it out for a day on the water, indoor motorboat storage may not be the best option. Indoor boat storage centers typically stack the boats in racks and pallets on top of each other. This makes it a bit of a chore to unload the boat for you to get it to the ocean.

Instead, outdoor storage might be the better choice. Outdoor storage facilities are usually right on the dock. Anytime you want to grab your boat you can simply head over to the check-in station and have it unlocked so you're able to steer it away. Knowing how you plan to use the boat is a key way to ensure you end up with a satisfactory motorboat storage experience.

How Old Is The Boat?

Maybe you own an older boat that has been put through the paces for many years. If so, you likely aren't too concerned about elemental damage because the boat is already weathered and has proven to be able to withstand a beating and keep going with no problem. In this case, outdoor motorboat storage could be the perfect fit.

However, if you've just bought a brand new motorboat right off of the showroom floor, you likely want to preserve the paint and finish for as long as possible. If this sounds more like your situation indoor storage could be the better choice.

If you take some time to deliberate over the questions above you should arrive at the perfect destination very shortly. Get your boat to a storage facility as soon as possible so it can hopefully be around for the long haul. To learn more, contact a motorboat storage facility