Integrate Photos On Your Dispensary Site To Improve Sales

Alyssa Murray

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in your state, you're ready to start selling. You've even created a great website where customers can make orders and communicate with you. However, you're still not getting the orders that you want. In this scenario, you may need to integrate high-quality pictures on your site to ensure that you sell as many plants as possible.

Visuals Provide an Easier Element For Your Site

Your potential clients deserve to know what plants they are buying and how they look before they make a purchase. This is just one reason why photos are so important for your site. Pictures also help to break apart boring text and to help your customers better understand the benefits of cannabis.

For example, you could have a section dedicated to the health benefits of this healing herb. Show a person in pain and then integrate a picture of them feeling better. Such visual elements make your site feel more professional and engaging to your potential customers.

Picking the Right Pictures

Now that you fully understand the importance of high-quality pictures for your website, you need to make sure that you fully understand how to properly integrate them. Your dispensary website needs to have a handful of pictures on each page that are smoothly integrated into your overall design. The pictures should flow smoothly and follow a few strict guidelines.

For example, you're going to want to take the best pictures that you can of your stock to ensure that your customers know what they are getting. Try to frame your plants in such a way—lighting them from behind—that shows them off as beautifully as possible. Always shoot your photos in the highest quality and edit them to make them look attractive.

Importantly, all of your photos should have a role on your website and shouldn't exist simply to enhance its design. For example, all of your plants and strains should have a picture that goes with them, and if you have a how-to section—such as how to bake with cannabis oil—you should include pictures for each step to make them easier to handle.

These types of design tips will ensure that your website captures the imagination of a maximum number of potential customers and cannabis fans. So if you're ready to open up your website soon and you want it to look as great as possible, consider talking to a dispensary website design company such as Foottraffik to get any help for this sometimes challenging process.