Want a Rifle Bipod for Hunting? Be Sure That It Meets These Criteria

Alyssa Murray

Rifle owners often add bipods to their firearms when they go target shooting, but you might also wish to explore this gun accessory if you're a hunter. Many hunters do not use bipods, but those who do appreciate how this accessory can make the effective targeting of their prey easier. If you think that you could benefit from a bipod when you go hunting, you can visit your local gun shop or browse the internet to seek a device that will suit your needs. Here are some criteria on which you should insist on.

Quiet Opening

You won't be walking through the woods with your bipod in the lower position. Rather, you'll keep its legs folded up and parallel with the barrel of your rifle for ease and mobility. When you encounter your prey and wish to move into the firing position, you'll open the legs of the bipod, set them on a surface in front of you, such as a downed tree, and get ready to fire. You need to ensure that the legs of the bipod open quietly; you don't want them to make any audible sounds that could alert your prey to your presence.

Reduced Visibility

Rifle bipods are available in several different styles, including some that are flashy. While a rifle owner who enjoys target practice might enjoy a shiny bipod for its ability to make his or her firearm appear sleek, this isn't likely a look that you'll want if you intend to buy this rifle accessory for hunting. Such a bipod could easily catch a ray of sun and alert your prey to your presence. You'll likely want to buy a bipod that has a camouflage finish or an otherwise matte appearance that will keep its visibility low.


In a hunting outing, you may walk several miles as you pursue your prey. You'll already be carrying several pounds of essential gear, so it's imperative that you carefully assess each additional accessory that you'll have with you. Rifle bipods come in different weights, so you'll want to find one that is as lightweight as possible. Even saving a few ounces in this area can make a big difference to the fatigue of your shoulders and arms over the course of a long hunt, so you'll appreciate a lightweight accessory of this nature. By evaluating a variety of rifle bipods, you'll have no trouble finding the right one for you.

If you are interested in learning more about bipods for your guns, contact a local retailer near you.