Experiment With Cannabis If You're In One Of These Creative Fields

Alyssa Murray

One of the many reasons that people use cannabis recreationally is to alter the way that they think. You can often benefit from this experience, depending on what you do for a living or for a hobby. It's common to experience changes to your creativeness when you use cannabis products, so if you find yourself needing to be more creative, it might be time to visit your local recreational dispensary to find a product with which to experiment. Here are some creative fields that can lend themselves well to recreationally using cannabis.

Visual Arts

Whether you're a painter, a sculptor, or some other type of visual artist, you might sometimes hit a brick wall in terms of being creative. Looking at a blank canvas in front of you can be very challenging, and if you've done a lot of art over the years, you might feel devoid of new ideas. To encourage you to take a fresh approach to your art, consider giving cannabis a try. Even a small dosage of cannabis can dramatically impact how creative you feel. Allow yourself to just begin experimenting with your art, and even if what you produce is more of a rough project than a polished end result, you may find that cannabis has opened the door to a new idea.


The list of musicians who have relied upon cannabis to improve their creativity when writing music and when recording it is virtually endless. Whether you sing or play an instrument, you may find that partaking in a cannabis product and then simply allowing yourself to experiment with making music opens up a new part of you creatively. You may begin to make music that is drastically different than what you're accustomed to making, and it can be exciting to know that this type of music is "inside" of you.


Writing is another creative field for which your approach can change when you begin to experiment with cannabis. If you enjoy fictional writing, poetry, or other similar disciplines in which creativity is integral, you may notice some dramatic changes in how you approach your writing after you begin to experiment with cannabis. If you've ever suffered from the dreaded "writer's block," which can be extremely stressful — especially if you have goals about how much you want to write before a certain deadline — cannabis could help you to get over this mental hurdle.