Reduce Your Sodium Intake And Modify Your Exercise Routine To Eliminate Water Weight

Alyssa Murray

Water retention can cause you to feel sluggish and bloated. Consuming foods that are rich in sodium often contribute to water weight gain, and restricting the amount of water that you drink can be counterproductive and cause additional weight gain, since your body will store the little bit of water that you do drink. Use diet and exercise modifications to lose water weight and gain energy.

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Fried snacks, processed items, and fast food meals tend to contain high sodium amounts. Even if you don't plan on cutting out these unhealthy culprits, you can still reduce the amount of sodium that your body takes in by replacing some snacks or food items with alternatives that are low in sodium.

Crisp apple slices that are dipped in a low fat vinaigrette or jam or crispy celery stalks that have unsalted butter spread on them are some filling snacks that you can eat whenever a craving strikes. Many healthy foods are packaged, but you need to take the time to read the listed ingredients on the back of each package to determine the sodium and fat content.

Purchase a prepackaged food plan so that you are consuming low sodium items without needing to look at packaging. Order foods from a plan in advance so that you have a supply on hand for a specific block of time, reducing the need to worry about planning meals and shopping in a grocery store.

Get Active And Remain Hydrated

Kickstart your metabolism into high gear and regulate your water intake and output cycle by slowly beginning an exercise routine. Keep fresh, bottled water in your home and carry a couple bottles with you when you are heading out to go for a walk or plan on participating in a sport at a local park. Any activity that causes you to sweat should remind you to re-hydrate yourself with a bottle of water soon after you are done exercising.

Don't give in to your cravings by picking up a soft drink that contains sodium. It will take some time to get accustomed to exchanging unhealthy drinks for water, but water is the best thing that you can drink and by drinking it throughout each day, you will not have to worry about water weight hindering you like it did previously.

Try A New Type Of Cuisine

If the foods that you eat are bland tasting, resulting in you reaching for a salt shaker or other spices that contain sodium, you may be shortchanging yourself by not trying some dishes that are naturally flavorful and low in sodium.

Cabbage, spinach, and melons are natural diuretics and do not contain sodium amounts that are harmful. Try to incorporate these items and similar ones into satisfying, hearty meals. Use white rice, lentils, or salad greens as the base for each dish. Slice the vegetables and fruits and boil or bake them before adding them to the main component of each dish. 

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