Ways To Keep Children Occupied On Whale Watching Tours

Alyssa Murray

Taking a whale watching tour can provide some memories that last a lifetime, although you'll also need to realize that before you reach the part of the ocean in which whales are prevalent, the vessel may need to travel a long distance. If you're on the tour with children, they'll almost certainly be thrilled when they see the whales — but could be a little bored before these ocean creatures make an appearance. To avoid any issues, it's a good idea to have a plan for keeping your kids occupied until the action begins. Beyond books, handheld video games and snacks, here are some ideas.

Sea Voyage Checklist

Impress upon your children that it's exciting being on a boat in the sea, and that they'll see a variety of different things. To this end, make a checklist in advance of things that may be seen, and give a list to each child. When he or she sees an item, the child should check it off. The first child to complete his or her list wins, and you can consider giving out a small prize. You can put anything on the list that you're apt to see on the journey, including boats, seagulls, a lighthouse and other such marine-related attractions.

Visit The Captain

Many whale watching tour boats will allow passengers, especially if they're with children, to visit the wheelhouse and say hello to the captain. Your child will likely get a high degree of enjoyment out of seeing the captain steer the ship, and the captain may even invite your child to stand with his or her hands on the wheel to "steer" it. This is an ideal photo opportunity, too, but you should always check with tour staff to make this request. At certain points of the journey, passengers may be allowed — but it's imperative to get permission first.

Take Some Photos

Children of many ages will get a thrill out of feeling grown-up by taking photos with your camera. Even though you'll likely want to have your finger on the shutter button when the whales appear, you can get your kids to help you take photos of other boats, sea birds, interesting sights on the land and more. Don't worry too much about the quality of the photos — simply getting to hold the camera, zoom in and out and click the shutter button can be exciting for children, helping to pass the time until you reach the whales. Contact a company like Orca Enterprises LLC to learn more.