Not Going Away during Summer Vacation? Create a Kid-Friendly Staycation at Home!

Alyssa Murray

If you are looking for a fun way to launch the summer season, or if you simply can't get away for a vacation, plan a kid-friendly staycation. Staying at home can be fun and relaxing for parents, and with some special preparations, a staycation can make the kids forget all about heading out during summer vacation.

Here are some ideas for your kid-friendly staycation.

Rent a bounce house. A bounce house is an excellent attraction that kids of all ages can enjoy, and it may make them much more excited about staying home! Talk with bounce-house rental vendors in your area about various options such as water slides, trampolines, or other inflatable toys that suit your kids' age group. There are even bounce houses for adults to enjoy; be sure to ask about the weight restrictions first. Talk to companies like Playground Bounce House to find out about your bounce-house options. 

Make some tasty treats. Make something a bit out of the ordinary to turn your staycation into a special event. For example, turn simple marshmallow crispy treats into watermelon slices by using a round pan and food coloring; cut the treat in wedges and use popsicle sticks to serve it. Another fun idea is to roll out refrigerated cookie dough into a large round that you then bake, let cool, and frost with cream-cheese icing. Top the cookie with fresh fruit for a fresh-fruit pizza that will please a crowd!

Create a campsite in your own backyard. If you aren't going to a campground, create a safe environment for kids to camp out at home. Turn your backyard into a cool campsite with hanging lanterns, a fire pit, and sleeping bags. Sing campfire songs, roast marshmallows, and make s'mores!

Screen some movies—outside! Another fun plan is to have a movie night outside; use your laptop and a projector to display a large image on the side of your house or your garage, or hang a sheet on a clothesline. Pull out chairs and blankets for your movie goers and invite the neighbors, too. Don't forget to make a big batch of buttery popcorn!

Swap a kid with family or friends. Invite a friend's kids or young relatives over for a week's stay with the understanding that your child will visit them later in the summer. This ensures that everyone gets a well-deserved break during the warm summer weather.

There are many fun alternatives to going away during summer vacation that appeases kids and that is easy on the wallet. Try these suggestions to make memorable activities for your kids this summer without leaving home!