3 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids At The Public Golf Course

Alyssa Murray

As a parent, you are likely always looking for fun activities that you can do with your kids. As it warms up outside, it is a good idea to take them outdoors to try new activities. One fun location to go to is the public golf course. This not only allows you to play games of golf with your kids, but also gives you the option to do other fun activities as well. This article will discuss 3 fun things to do with your kids at the public golf course. 

Hit Balls On The Driving Range

If you have small children who don't have a lot of experience golfing and/or don't have the attention span to play an entire game of golf, you can instead take them to the driving range to hit balls for as long as they'd like. This gives them the freedom to hit as many balls as they'd like in the same location, without worrying about getting in the way of other golfers. It also allows you to teach them how to properly hold a golf club and hit a golf ball, which is the basis for learning how to golf. 

Drive The Golf Cart Around

Kids often love nothing more than being able to learn how to drive and practice driving. Taking your children to the golf course and playing a 9 hole game will give them the opportunity to drive the golf cart between each of the holes, as well as around the golf course for fun. Depending on the age of your child, you as the parent can control the brakes and the gas for them as they sit on your lap or you can allow them to control them by themselves while you set next to them. Either way, your child will be in charge of steering the vehicle and will love the entire experience. 

Enroll Them In Golf Lessons

Oftentimes public golf courses offer lessons for those of all ages who would like to learn how to golf. These lessons are taught be experienced golfers who can really help your child to become a good golfer. If your child has shown any type of interest in learning how to golf, you can enroll them in the lessons and see how they like them. You will likely be able to watch your child during their golf lessons, and then help them practice some more afterwards. 

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