Cabin Fever? Rainy Day Activities For Preschoolers Who Are Bored

Alyssa Murray

If you are going to be spending a couple weeks in a rental cabin like A Sunburst Cabins with your preschoolers this fall, plan some activities to pass the time and keep them entertained if you encounter rainy weather. The following tips will help you keep your children occupied and make the most out of the days that are spent indoors.

Character Picnic

Have your children select one of their favorite cartoon or movie characters. Provide them with some clothing or embellishments to change their appearance so that they resemble the character they have selected. Basic items can be used for this step. For example, a tablecloth can be used as a cape or skirt or a paper towel roll can be used as a sword or light saber.

Set up a blanket on the floor and prepare some of your children's favorite lunch items. Invite your children to the character picnic. During the meal, each person can act like the character they are representing. Encourage your children to ask each other questions about who they are dressed as. For added interest, dress up like a character yourself and participate in the activity.

Rain Gauge 

Wash out an empty soda bottle or juice jug. Cut off the top of the container so that the opening is as wide as the base. Give your children a couple pieces of light-colored paper to decorate with pictures that resemble a rainy day. Secure the papers to the sides of the container with tape or glue. Set the container outside on the ground, and rainwater will collect in it throughout the day.

After the rain has stopped, bring the container inside and pour the water into a measuring cup. Ask your children to guess how much rain they think has been collected. Discuss how rain forms with your children or read them a children's book about rain to give them a better grasp of why precipitation occurs. 

Treasure Hunt

Write a list of items for your children to find throughout the cabin on a piece of paper. If your children are unable to read any words, draw simple pictures of each item. Hide the "treasures" throughout the cabin while your children wait on the couch. Make a special prize for the child who finds the most items. The prize can be something such as a drawing, some loose change, or a small toy. Wrap the prize in colorful paper that is colored gold.

Tell your children that they will be participating in a hunt to find long, lost treasure that belonged to a famous king or pirate. Tell them that whoever finds the most items will be rewarded with a gift that looks like a golden nugget.

After participating in all of the activities, you may find that you and your children have shared a fun-filled day in spite of the rain.