Off The Beaten Path: 3 Fun Activities In Chicago To (Literally) Sweep You Off Your Feet

Alyssa Murray

A vacation to any big city can be full of museums, shopping, sightseeing - and walking. Sometimes, there can be so much walking that you end your day by collapsing onto your bed in the hotel, wondering how you'll make it through tomorrow. Does everything involve so much walking?

Fortunately, not. Chicago has many options for anyone interested in giving their tired feet a rest. If you're visiting Chicago and looking for a few activities that won't leave you all worn out, try one of the following:

Renting a Boat

Try getting off your feet, and off the land entirely, by hopping onto a boat. You'll have many different options: you can rent a pontoon, a kayak, or even a yacht. Try a powerboat if you're interested in cruising down the lakefront and seeing the city, or a canoe or kayak for a bit of light exercise. If you have a large group of people and a free day in the summer, you may even want to check out a party boat, which can include a sound system, a refrigerator, and a BBQ to bring the fun of land-lubbing onto the lake.

If you're short on time, consider enjoying the fireworks from Navy Pier on a night ride. All boat options can be easily explored from Navy Pier itself, or online. And don't worry - there are many boat rental choices to suit any type of budget.

Seeing a Show

Chicago has a lively theater district, centrally located and always bustling with new and fascinating shows. Chicago has been home to Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, and other critically acclaimed shows. With several beautiful theaters, Chicago can offer a variety of genres, including musicals, comedy shows, improv, and more.

Look into various Broadway features in Chicago to take advantage of its many theater offerings - and to take a break from trekking around the city. With so many choices, you are sure to find something to fill an evening with a one-of-a-kind theater experience.

Enjoying a Multi-course Meal or Tea

Going out to eat in Chicago might be a given, with its plethora of restaurants and famous foods. However, consider making a whole evening or afternoon of a meal. There are many restaurants which offer multi-course menus, taking you on a journey through food.

If you're interested in gastronomy, some restaurants combine science with food to create amazing treats such as flavored smoke or edible balloons. If you want a more traditional dining experience, or to take a break in the middle of the day, there are options for an afternoon tea session, complete with small pastries and finger sandwiches.

Many restaurants can accommodate food preferences, allergies, and restrictions, but make sure to call ahead: a multi-course meal can involve a wide array of food and you want to ensure that you can enjoy every bit of it.